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Un post para los friquis de D21 January 13, 2006

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La tarea más importante que tiene planteada el sumo talante no es la de dar amor a batasunos (meritorio, desde luego) sino la de crear conciencia a los jóvenes para que cogan en sus manos el propio destino, sean capaces de


Las noticias de Eurabia January 12, 2006

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The Mirror Of Madmen January 12, 2006

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I dreamed a dream of heaven, white as frost,

The splendid stillness of a living host;

Vast choirs of upturned faces, line o’er line.

Then my blood froze; for every face was mine.

Spirits with sunset plumage throng and pass,

Glassed darkly in the sea of gold and glass.

But still on every side, in every spot,

I saw a million selves, who saw me not.

I fled to quiet wastes, where on a stone,

Perchance, I found a saint, who sat alone;

I came behind: he turned with slow, sweet grace,

And faced me with my happy, hateful face.

I cowered like one that in a tower cloth bide,

Shut in by mirrors upon every side;

Then I saw, islanded in skies alone

And silent, one that sat upon a throne.

His robe was bordered with rich rose and gold,

Green, purple, silver out of sunsets old;

But o’er his face a great cloud edged with fire,

Because it covereth a world’s desire.

But as I gazed, a silent worshipper,

Methought the cloud began to faintly stir;

Then I fell flat, and screamed with grovelling head,

‘If thou hast any lightning, strike me dead!

‘But spare a brow where the clean sunlight fell,

The crown of a new sin that sickens hell.

Let me not look aloft and see mine own

Feature and form upon the Judgment-throne.’

Then my dream snapped: and with a heart that leapt

I saw across the tavern where I slept,

The sight of all my life most full of grace,

A gin-damned drunkard’s wan half-witted face.

¿Y el URL? January 11, 2006

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Un bonito recuerdo. Y por privacidad. Hasta otra

Bueno, aquí vamos otra vez January 11, 2006

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Este será mi segundo blog. El primero era un blog político y lo fallecí. Éste será un blog personal, lo cual no significa que vaya a decir nada interesante sobre mí mismo.